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At Community Ambulance, our patients are our priority.

Everything we do is centered around providing care to those in need. Whether it is a 911 emergency transport, or a non-emergent transport between facilities for specialized treatment, we want to ensure that our patients are care for in the best way possible.

Group of Community Ambulance associates

Our Standards

  1. To respond to emergencies as well as non-emergencies with compassion, skill and clinical readiness.
  2. To provide the best care possible for our patients.
  3. To uphold the values and goals as outlined in the Community Ambulance Mission Statement.
  4. To provide vital health and wellness information to our communities.
  5. To invest in the professional development of associates by offering the latest in clinical training opportunities.

Billing Department

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We know that during an emergency situation, the last thing you want to worry about is the bill that will arrive later. At Community Ambulance, we do our best to ensure that our rates are fair, accurate and that bills reach you in a timely manner. We want your experience with us to be a positive one. If you need assistance or have questions about your bill, contact our billing office at (877) 455-7170, where our certified billers are ready to assist you.


Bill Pay Button

To pay your bill online, simply click the button above, or click HERE.


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We now accept all major credit cards & Online Check Pay

New! e-Billing
You can now sign up to receive electronic billing statements. It's quick, easy and paperless! Be sure to have a copy of your statement in order to sign up. ( If you have more than one account, each account must be registered separately).

Already enrolled in e-Statements? Manage your online account HERE.

Words from our Patients

*Please note: We are always grateful for calls, letters and emails from our patients. Community Ambulance will never release the name of a patient, nor will we release any information about a patient's medical information or information pertaining to a patient's transport. For further information about our privacy policy, click HERE.

"Dear Community Ambulance Paramedics, Thank you so much for many things, for responding so quickly to the 911,for calming me, for checking out my husband and for persuading (not ordering) my husband to go with you to get checked out at the ER; for reminding me to not lock myself out of the house and for remembering where my husband left his glasses. We are deeply grateful!"

Sincerely, Recent Patient

Dear Community Ambulance, "We would like to express our deep appreciation to a male attendant who picked up my husband. He demonstrated consideration and effort in getting my husband where he needed to be to receive the best, most immediate care from his own doctors. In the urgency, we did not note the EMT's name, but wanted you and he to know how deeply we appreciate his efforts. Such professionalism is a credit not only to him but your company. Again, thank you so very much."

Sincerely, Community Ambulance Patient