What is an Emergency?
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What is an Emergency?

During one of life's most frightening moments, it's difficult to think clearly. When faced with a difficult situation involving an injured or sick person, however, your response may make a huge difference in making sure that person receives the help they need.

What to expect when you dial 9-1-1 where Community Ambulance is your emergency service provider:

  • Always remember to include the exact location or address of the emergency. Provide nearby intersections, landmarks, building name, floor, room or apartment number, if possible. Once the dispatcher has determined your location and type of emergency, he or she will send help immediately.

  • Don’t hang up until the dispatcher instructs you to do so! Our Dispatchers are trained through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD’s). With the use of the IAED medical protocols, to include Pre-Arrival Instructions, the dispatchers are able to thoroughly assess patients over the phone. Patient assessments are conducted while a separate dispatcher is sending an ambulance to the scene of the reported emergency.

  • The dispatcher will instruct you to gather any medications, put away any family pets, unlock the door and turn on your outside lights. These are all extremely helpful measures you can take to ensure the paramedics have clear and easy access to the patient(s) as well as provide the best possible care to patient(s).


Paramedic pulling a stretcher in an emergency situation